The sky is a sphere that contains us

Solo show

Wu Gallery, Lima, Peru, 2012

The exhibition The sky is a sphere that contains us is a set of 12 pieces by Martin Bonadeo. It includes drawings, objects and site-specific installations. The whole purpose of this artist has focused on unraveling the searches that have encouraged scientific and technological projects that appeal, which finely comminuted in order to reinterpret them with an aesthetic sense and poetic. The thread that has guided the artist through different themes generally has been light as mother of all phenomena affecting life in the broadest sense.

The sky is a sphere that contains us

By Maria Iovino

During the last decade the question of communion of science with art has taken increasing importance to the point that it might seem in the most widely read that it is understood as a new fact which inevitably must meet both artists and events the moment as if it were a subject that replaces other already lost validity or currency.

While it is true that this has been reformulated so radical interpretations of the world we inhabit, due to progress of science, and that this is a turning point that concerns us all, that as we can not pass unnoticed, it is also true that art has continued ever have close communion with the progress of knowledge of what we call reality. Simply draw a line on a paper has implied the development of research at levels that allowed both a pen and paper to come into being, and human beings have developed the ability to work with them with increased skill. The knowledge of the world around us and with that knowledge transforms transform the world in the exploration and understanding still working.

It is clear that not all artists are dedicated to understanding this development inevitable concentrated way, even as his eyes and his work is conducive to constant change. What it offers richness and complexity to the interpretation is precisely the possibility of appreciating the same environment from very different points of view and to complement observations and doubt them if appropriate. The inflexibility driving a single point of view usually leads to fascism to disasters they behave.

For this reason, it is unwise to call appreciation for the work of Martin Bonadeo in isolation from the place that has earned respect as an artist reinterprets scientific research in the field of aesthetics and poetic, and is one of the Latin American creators whose work is best understood physical approach of the new energy. The outstanding project that has built this artist in the territory hybrid empirical truth beauty and qualities should the warmth of the look with that from childhood has come to humanity, to the objectivity and the landscape of the universe that is part. It must also respect that has approached multiple creative expressions of visuality and other territories, assimilating as valuable lessons. His case is not an artist who approaches a topic that gains force but one that contributes to understanding other causes and reasons with which has always naturally and passion involved and in which therefore there is much more that an appropriate speech.

Martin Bonadeo grew up playing with gadgets and obsolete photographic elements of his father, who had been fond of the medium. Understanding the mechanics of these objects, such as images (especially slides) that they made possible the exercise became rational, sensible and imaginative artist and, in this way, from an early age to understand the magnanimous faced mystery of light as an agent that allows much more than vision. As does understand phenomena, light is not supplied in simple explanations. For this reason the artist to perceive the light as much more than the presence that provides clarity to the look, and insists observe as force or engine that underlies the existence of every particle in the world who inhabit, whether visible or invisible. Consequently, Martin Bonadeo work involves consideration of the physical, the emotional and political, all in a metaphor that gains character from absolutely simple matters coming to anyone.

The vision in the work of Martin Bonadeo is only the gateway to universes varied and full of meaning and intelligence, which pass with the support of the sensitivity rather than the eye and can even catch the warning to deception involved the isolated act of looking, so this is a world willing to observation.In his work, Martin Bonadeo us to appreciate the light as energy derived expected and the unexpected, the material and the immaterial, what is understood and what is not, the closest and most remote. To that extent, the sun, as the source that entertains and enlightens us and allows the existence of a sky that protects and shelters us is a permanent figure in his explorations recurrence. Precisely because it is so, this exhibition is the first artist in Peru, was structured around the idea that resonates with the great astronomical project and wisdom Inca culture that flourished in this country.

The coincidence that during the days when the exhibition is open to the public spring equinox occurs (September 22) was taken as an opportunity to think through the selected projects, in the play of light and shadows with every day the sun and the moon are making possible the continuity of life and the wonderful lesson that display geometric those events, which were studied by the Inca people with the same dedication, simplicity and ease with which it is understood that this artist works. Works as vital Fluids make it clear, through basic mechanisms, each being, like the sun, is the source and receiver energy that draws a reality that depends on its more authentic relationship with the environment. Similarly, underground Heaven awakens consciousness about the fact that a beam of light that targets a dominated by the dark tunnel allows germinate in him all his life with strength and elusive mystery.

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