Ficus Benjamina

Multisensorial intervention

Dacil Art Gallery, Buenos Aires, 2010

Ficus benjamina is a multisensory intervention at Dacil Gallery. A lens placed in the main window of the gallery, which was darkened for the occasion, turns it into a large pinhole camera. The floor is lined with white fabric for a better viewing of the image. Visitors must enter the scented soundtracked (sound design by Oliverio Duhalde) room bare footed. The projected image corresponds to the tree planted in front of the gallery, a ficus, and its environment. The exhibition takes place during spring, when longer days and higher temperatures favor the spectacular growth of the tree in the short term. Its new leaves are of a lighter green and contrast with the old darker ones. From simple optical processes, and photographic documentation, the process can be observed and contrasted.

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