Vital fluids
Reactive installation
Praxis Gallery, Buenos Aires, 2010 / Artbo, Bogotá, Colombia, 2010

The installation "vital fluids" offers an eminently dynamic pictorial representation of life changes involved. In a white cylinder and under an acrylic dome are located 36 red alcohol thermometers. The glass capillaries are arranged radially around a light bulb connected to a sensor. When a visitor approaches the piece, the light turns on, and it begins to emit heat, so the level of red in the thermometer begins to rise. Near it are hanged posters with the words "Attention: Vital Fluids. Too much human presence can destroy them." Within seconds, the lamp goes out and the thermometers lower their levels. Most people ignore the sign or just do not read it and stay in the space for too long. When the heat is excessive, the bulbs burst "bleeding" their content leaving other viewers without the chance to experience this phenomenon. In its outbreak, they stain the surface on which they are located. To maintin the numbers of live thermometers, they periodically replace a disk of white paper (which serves as base) and the broken thermometers, giving continuity to the piece. Stained paper discs by past spectators and broken thermometers are also displayed as evidence of the passage of time.

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