Thermosynthetic grass
Multisensorial interactive installation
Petrobras prize, Arteba, Buenos Aires, 2008 / Isidro Miranda Gallery, Buenos Aires, 2008

Thermosynthetic grass is an installation that proposes a multi-sensory tree-dimensional pictorial representation of a dynamic process: growing grass. 600 thermometers, filled with alcohol and green clorophylic pigment extracted from plants, are placed on a pedestal. Programmed timers control the on/off or day/night periods of the incandescent lamps placed under the thermometers. The thermometers' bulbs are in contact with the lamps, son that the heat produced by them makes the fluid within the thermometer rise, filling it completely in one minute. As more lamps are on, the brightness inside the room,the heat generated and the amount of green inside the thermometers increases. The room works as an indoor greenhouse retaining heat from the visitors. The decrease of temperature is accelerated by some sprinklers that shoot @freshly cut grass@ fragrance to the bulbs and thermometers, subtly odorizing the room, increasign the reference to grass.

A three-dimensional dynamic painting

Wall text

During the past few years, I've been working in new representation fields exceeding the classic Renaissance perspective for one reason: their shapes will be, in stable conditions of temperature and humidity, virtually static. In this sense, the two-dimensional pictorial technique fails to embody a dynamic process as growing grass. The installation Pasto termosintético -Thermosynthetic grass- proposes a three-dimensional pictorial representation of this process with an addition: the public has the possibility to keep this green reserve or to destroy it with their presence. It also contains other elements that lead representation to a higher level: the grass is represented by a chlorophyllous green pigment and it releases a scent of freshly cut grass. Today anyone can buy a tube of green paint and use it without having a clue on how to get that pigment, where it came from and what meanings it may have: the alchemical notions of color are lost. Chlorophyll is solar energy retained by plants; luminic energy is transformed into chemical energy through a balanced natural process: photosynthesis. Pasto termosintético -Thermosynthetic grass-talks about the origin of the pigmentantion and its importance in the origin of life.

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