Variable horizons
Reactive objetcs
Objeto a Gallery, Buenos Aires 2008 / Arguibel Gallery, Buenos Aires, 2008 / Standard Bank Foundation, Buenos Aires 2008 / Woodstreet Galleries, Pittsburgh, USA, 2010

Hundreds of industrial thermometers are aligned to draw an irregular coloured alcohol horizon. The variations in this line are generated by instrumentĀ“s imprecisones and also by the ambient and visitorĀ“s temperature .

Dynamics of the horizon

Wall text

A gesture is immortalized in one stroke representing a horizon line. This form is static. The pictorial technique is incomplete for representing in twodimensional paintings a dynamic process like the slight movements that are generated on the horizon lines, whether in the sea, with waves and tides, or in the pampas with wind or human and animal presences. Horizontes variables (Variable horizons) is a series of reactive objects proposing a dynamic pictorial representation of this process.

Long alcohol thermometers are lined up on different supports presenting a horizon line. This line is not completely straight since not all thermometers are measuring exactly the same temperature. Depending on the ambient temperature, the number of visitors in the room and the lighting (which produces heat) this line varies in level and shape, as small waves. Viewers can even touch the thermometer's bulbs, leaving traces of their presence that will subtly disappear over time.

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