Three minutes
Multisensorial installation
Isidro Miranda Gallery, Buenos Aires, 2008

Three handcrafted wax devices are projecting the image of three real clocks: a digital, an analog and a sand clock. The projected optical images are showing altered seconds: the sand flows upside, the needle moves counterclockwise and the digits are unrecognizable.

A failed attempt to reverse the time flow

Wall text

I'm always thinking on the idea of the irreversibility of time flow. If you succeed in orbiting the earth backwards at a speed higher than that of its spin: does time go back? In an effort with a similar degree of utopia or naivety I'm presenting this piece, in which time flows backwards. Mirrors and optical devices confuse reality, turning things upside down and altering things. If we believe in the power of images, we can make everything (including time flow) go the other way around.

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