Skyes under heaven
Site specific installation
Vitrum Hotel, Buenos Aires, 2008 / Dacil Art Gallery, Buenos Aires, 2008

Skies under heaven is a series of installations made for lucarnes situated in the ceilings. Some device consisting of an optical lens and a frosted glass that works as a projection screen for optical image of the sky in real time are located under these openings. Images projected on these circular screen are varying all the time depending on the viewpoint of the observer.

Representing the heavens

Wall text

Pictorial representation has been traditionally associated to the world of the sacred. Art history shows numerous representations of skies, from landscapes to heights, as a symbolic space of spiritual elevation. As in many other works, this project aims to highlight the idea that one is permanently surrounded by sky, which is a space where one can access without having to die. The inclusion of optical devices that momentarily set images of the sky on several screens expands the possibilities of the audience to recognize their permanent presence in heaven.

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