Site specific sound installation
Central Post Office of Buenos Aires / Estudio Abierto 2006, Buenos Aires, 2006

This site specific installation was inside the palace of Argentina's central post office. This huge building has nowadays many abandon rooms. The curators of Estudio Abierto 2006 art festival invited me and many other artists to show in this place. My work was an audio installation developed to be heard in two big metal ducts with different compartments to take letters to different places of the building. One of the ducts was black and people can hear a female voice reading very superficial and emotional letters. The other duct was painted red and a men's voice was reading legal letters in a very rational and un-emotional way.

Ghosts of the past

Wall text

It is very common to find ghosts in ancient buildings. These presences are traces that other people left in the past; old uses and traditions living in a resignified space. Argentina's post office is not the same as it was when this institution was created many years ago, at the time they built this huge palace. Inefficiency or probably more complex issues buried the post service. Communications are losing their physical aspects day by day; cell phones and the internet are replacing papers and bureaucracy. But where is all the information that passed through these tubes many years ago? Intimaciones -Intimacy-is an attempt to recover these ghosts, working with these lost echoes, with poles that are changing and with the way we communicate with our own past.

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