Art closed circuit
Installation project graphite on walls
CCEBA Centro Cultural de España en Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, 2006

The idea of this site specific intervention project is to cross the signals of the surveillance closed circuit TV of three different galleries. These galleries – Ruth Benzacar, Klemm, CCEBA – are located in a 100 meters radio. Although they are very prestigious and important in the contemporary art circuit, they are in basements. From this underground space neither of them have windows and they are closed spaces. The idea was to open a TV window to see through the security cameras of their neighbor galleries. The circuit was thought in a way that A cam is shown in B gallery, B cam is shown in C gallery and C cam is shown in A gallery. This project was very difficult to develop because it needed many permissions to be done. While waiting for this to happen one of the galleries (CCEBA) offered to show the project in one of its walls.

Opening a closed circuit

Wall text

The act of hacking into a closed circuit designed to maintain security and order within the galleries and open it to a slightly more public sphere, allows an intrusion in the privacy of the realities of each of the spaces, generating debate about the value of what each one of them legitimates as art.

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