Site specific installation
Timoteo Navarro Museum, Tucumán, Argentina, 2005

This is a site specific piece created for the Timoteo Navarro Museum in Tucuman, and it consists of two car tires and two showers. One of the tires contains kerosene and is on fire, while the other contains earth, healing plants and flowers. In one of the showers there is water while the other is full of kerosene. This installation was located on the corridor in the ground level of the museum, cutting the passage of an access as a "piquete". Since the museum is located one block from the "Plaza de la Independencia" (historic center of the city of Tucuman) the natural audio were the "piqueteros" and other demonstrators drums and chants several times per day.


Wall text

Everytime I hear the name “Tucumán” I can’t avoid thinking about our country’s Independence and many other political situations between opposite sides. This is why I decided to make a symmetric piece. This pair of used tires illustrates two sides of the same coin, loaded with products from nature that feed different parts of our physic and symbolic body.

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