NEWS (it is not)
Site specific installation
MALBA, Buenos Aires, 2004 / Woodstreet Galleries, Pisttsburgh, USA, 2010

This installation starts with a backlight and a shelf that holds four glass jars half filled with water. Each jar has a 35 mm slide picture of a different moment of a sunrise. The water acts as a magnifying lens for the images. There's a compass over a pedestal in the middle of the room. The compass is spinning constantly by four electromagnets. The room ends with a flat rectangular fountain. An image sequence that could represent either a sunrise or a sunset is projected onto the fountain's back wall. The horizon line matches the division between the water and the wall. The sun's speed and its movement (sunrise or sunset) vary randomly. The room is scented and a soundtrack reproduces the sound of the ocean and the breathing of the artist.

About paradox

by Graciela Taquini, Vértigo show curator

Vértigo is “on the other side”. The viewer needs to get into a state that oscillates between attraction, desire, insecurity and restlessness. The visit is not intended to be experienced as a refuge; the paradox is the motor of each landmark. Since it actually asks more questions than it answers, a spiraling sensation traverses it meaning; when it seems to reach a certain point, a new twist appears.

According to Gilles Deleuze, in Logic of sense, paradoxes are the passion of thought. In my case, the topic of appearances has become an obsession. Vértigo is based on my own contradictions, but also on those of my society. At the same time I am interested in generating an 113 unforgettable experience. To achieve this goal I have been diving in blurry memories of my early childhood: the sound of a rattle in a Resurrection mass while black clothes were falling and altars were lighted. Also my astonishment at Alfred Hitchcock movies. Vértigo's most recent roots are: a video randomly bought in a museum that happened to be the history of Marcel Duchamp's étant Donée, the impact at K.Y.D., a video art piece by Jon Mikel Euba (Spain) and Eduardo Kac's (Brazil) web site Transporting an unknown state, that we will have the opportunity of seeing in his next visit.

The Argentine artists traveling with me in this formative trip to nowhere are Martín Bonadeo, Nushi Muntaabski and Augusto Zanela. These site specific installations built for the contemporary space of the museum where conceived from the challenges of Malba's sacred enclosure and taking in account its technological potentialities. These ephemeral creations exponentially multiply this esthetic of ambiguity through the different styles and obsessions of its authors.

Comment on NEWS (it is not)

by Graciela Taquini, show's curator

In No Es (News – It is not) Martín Bonadeo points out that “abstracted from a clock and a cardinal point, sunset and sunrise look almost the same, losing the spatial temporal reference and the symbolism of birth and death.” The formal and iconographic paradoxes, the spatial polarity, the strange experience of a landscape deranged by randomness, turn this piece into something more than a geopolitical metaphor.

Polarity change

Wall text

The compass states an irreversible link between the South and a descendent arrow that symbolically oppresses us. We act every day from this polar situation accepting without complains its unfair values and standards.

An electromagnet tricks this statement and opens a new alternative: a doubt, a question. From this place we can start constructing our own language, one that is both conscious and alert. Where some see the sunset, others see a sunrise, where some see poverty, others wealth, where some see oppositions others see a cycle's synthesis.

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