Two suns
Site specific installation
Raid Projects Galería de arte, Los Ángeles, USA, 2004 / Arteaméricas, Miami, USA, 2009 / Woodstreet Galleries, Pittsburgh, USA, 2010

In this installation, two projectors facing each other from opposites sides of the room point to a piece of cloth hanged as a screen between them. The images –sunsets and sunrises in flat horizons– are aligned by the horizon's line and mixed together in the center of the screen. When a visitor stands in a specific spot of the room, the sun's image coincides with the retroprojection light beam, blinding him. This situation is the same for both images.

Look at the sun

Wall text

“The eyes on our bodies never give us the union of the poles, instead they are always presenting us a partial aspect. But Thyresias had a unifying vision, a soul's vision that allowed him to have “psychic readings”, that is, a skill to see “the whole picture” of things, men and situations.” Jorge Bosia

More than a source of light, the sun is a strong source of energy. Nevertheless our visual culture seems to need only its light. Because of light there is shadow and because of this contraposition there are contrasts. These contrasts make us conscious of the fact that there aren't two things that look exactly the same. Like sunsets, which are always different. But if we look at the sun directly, it will blind us and we will loose our notions about shape: the optic nerve will be saturated and only then we will be conscious of all the different kinds of energy our body can perceive through the other senses. For a moment we are in contact with a richer and less taxative reality. This journey to another way of perceiving the frequencies that surround us is extremely short. At the end the pupil will adapt to the new light and the eye will regain its power.

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