Closed open closet
IInteractive site specific installation
Pedro y Jaqui Green Art Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2003

This site specific intervention is situated inside a closet. A two sided duratrans lightbox is hanging from the bar. The installation is aromatized with moth poison. The front side image is a countryside photography projected over closed closet doors. The back side -facing the closet interior- shows a similar image projected over the same closed with the doors open. A couple of mirrors showed the visitors this back side.

archived memories

Wall text

Tiding up a closet is always a trip to the past. The clothes, the smells of wood and naphthalene open a gate to situations and memories connected by a scarf used in two winters of the same year, in different hemispheres. This confusing past emerges while we are trying to re-classify our stuff, delaying us, invading the present. Once the climax is over, with all our treasures mixed up in strange ways that some would call chaotic (but that we know contains an internal logic), the objects and all the memories acquire a new shape in our present.

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