Off on light
site specific installation
Centro Cultural Gral. San Martín, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2003

The installation "off - on light" forms part of the exhibition "art in progress I" in the Cultural Center San Martin and has been created site-specifically for one of the exhibition halls named "just like a bright center". One of the Center's ceiling-inlaid lighting devices has been photographed when it was switched on and then those slide images are projected in darkness upon the same device with the same point of view. This way the now switched off lighting device is being "switched on" by the light of a homemade projector which projects the image of the device's switched-on condition, both images superposing and coinciding exactly.

Temporary superposition

Wall text

The present is usually full of marks and phantoms of the past. Material aspects of our lives get spoiled while time is passing by, showing the registration and manifestation of interaction with the environment in this succession we call change. For our ways of sensing, dominated by vision, light turns out to be fundamental. This way we can see how time passes by. This work precisely suggests a visual game: an object in a dark room is being illuminated by a phantom of its past, projected by a homemade device in order to confuse the eye with the superposition of both moments.

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