Melted figures
Olga Martínez Art Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2002

Three frozen figures: a circle, a ring shape and a sphere, each made out of the same quantity of mashed pumpkin, cocoa and milk. They are suspended above three similar soup dishes in three niches respectively. A light spot is directed on each of the figures projecting shadow that varies along with the motion and passing of time. The figures flood the room with their smell and melt away accompanied by electro acoustic music. This especially composed music is based on sentences out of a physics thesis about border notions. After some hours the three dishes are full of the same quantity of liquids and the transparent threads which have sustained the figures hang loose in their niches.

Alchemized mathematics

Wall text

A physicist named Gabriel Catrén had been summoned for this group exhibition. At that moment he was working on some texts about topological ideas regarding borders. In several meetings previous to the exhibition we put forward the idea to discuss such mathematical abstract questions with an illustration not measurable as from visual art standards. The result of these discussions is an installation which included Gabriel's texts and music by Gustavo García and Fernando Jobke. The work is based on the idea of border dissolution with three pure figures. Transformation speed was increased by a spotlight on each figure. The projected shadow represented form instability and proving the impossibility to isolate topological-spatial dimensions from temporal ones. Mathematics is left behind in this strong alchemical transformation of food shapes.

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