Wallpapered vanitas
Site specific installation
Villa Victoria Ocampo, Mar del Plata, Argentina, 2002

The Villa Victoria Ocampo situated in the beach resort Mar del Plata is owned by the famous writer. The house counts on many special wall papers. In weeks previous to the exhibition I have taken photos of several wall paper models and I have been creating images with insects in order to project them in still life style on the decorative paper leaves and flowers. The projections are carried out with devices made by the artist. This work is presented in the group exhibition "an ocean of tricks" curated by Graciela Taquini.

Tricky ocean

By Graciela Taquini

This is the third edition of the Trampas (Cheatings) project, an itinerant show around the simulation of the signifier, composed by pieces that can be placed between a secret (what is and doesn't seem like), and a lie (what isn't but seems like). This selection of twenty pieces doesn't pretend to illustrate a thematic line, it is born out of artistic proposals that are playing with reality, truth or status of existence. The inspiration for it's name is the trompe l'oeil, the baroque illusionist trick that invaded art theory and practice some time ago. These tricks are sometimes literal, others metaphorical, visual or mental. If the simulation lacked a referent, it is presented here immersed 261 in a conscious game and controlled by hidden things, by twists, by irony, by subjacent texts, where reversibility is more important than mimesis. The purpose of the confrontation and dialogue between these contemporary pieces is artistic, but at the same time ideological, specially in an historic moment where Argentina and the world lack certainties, where ambiguity becomes disturbing. There is an attempt to produce a kind of denouncement that shows that the king is naked and that reveals that sometimes being and pretending may be ontologically the same. The truth builds itself from the subject that reads it, any perception is tied to mediations, every perception is dictatorial or based on prejudice. It is not a type of conformism, but rather a question raised from theory but also from the practice of the art world and into a tricky, but also trapped Argentina.

Site specific trick

By Graciela Taquini, show's curator

With a handcrafted device, a simple slide projector, almost an antique, Martín Bonadeo questions reality to impose his own world. He always works for a specific site, inspired by a building, a wall, a door, or other specific space. If Baroque painters seemed to open domes to the heavens so that the saints would elevate, Martín introduces a contradiction in things that are familiar to us. In this way he asks again, without getting an answer: what makes a work of art?

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