Photography, slide projection
Natural Sciences Museum, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2002

This projection of photographic images is part of the exhibition "Jurassic escape": The images are photos of installations carried out in the artist´s house. The images merge the two-dimensional form of projection with three dimensional space of projection in order to cause space alienation.

Projected spaces

Wall text

Can a slide projector really alter spatial perception? In this context one deals essentially with light: beams of light go through a translucent image to impregnate it into an illuminated surface. In general, one works on a white and smooth screen especially designed to receive different images, just like white canvas. Trained eyes know that it is a screen but that same light, when directed towards other spaces, can change the meaning of a scene. The corner between wall, roof and beam leaves its architectural meaning behind to convert itself into a more complex spatialtemporary element during the projection. The ghostly presence of the projected photo grows into the projection surface and transforms itself, offering a new image which combines past and present in a very particular way and suggesting a new kind of space. When vision is challenged, the other senses start to acquire a higher level of importance in order to compensate for its deficiencies.

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