Site specific intervention
Estudio Abierto, San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2002

Signs proposing opposite directions and meanings are situated in a storeroom full of hundreds of other artworks. The signs hanged on the walls higher than the other pieces. This action is complemented by an installation in a room which used to be an office. In this small place a white flag hangs from an electric cable duct which goes perpendicular up the wall. A luminous device built by the artist projects the image of the Argentine ceremonial flag on the part of the wall where the flag should be fluttering. But the white fabric hangs loose on the improvised mast and the patriotic colors are soaked up by the wall. If people stretch the white fabric the forms which define Argentina return to the flag.

Imminent future

by Valeria González & Marcelo de la Fuente, collective exhibition curators / translation by Uschi Groppel

Argentine urban landscape was transformed quickly at the end of the 90's: closed shops, walled in banks, cacerolazos (pot-banging) and street protests, judicial repression, increasing poverty, let's say decadence. Nevertheless, today it does not seem absurd to think that the true ruins actually consist of the bad aftertaste left by the majestic architecture of multinational firms and shopping malls; leftovers of a worn out model. But in its gaps alternative values and attitudes are growing. Economic and political abandonment means death, but on the other hand it can also testify the emergence of other ways of living: neighborhood meetings, exchange centers, community kitchens, waste recycling circuits and organizations. Urban space multiplies and people start to build their own city in the middle of hollow institutional and regulated architecture. The artists present in this exhibition investigate these new cultural community examples, in some cases this kind of situation-orientated art explores and acts as critical reflection, in others it takes down notes for a new and unknown social architecture.

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